Warframe Plastids – Where to find and tips to gather

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Warframe is an excellent cooperative third-person shooter game that is probably very familiar with you. In this game, players will use Warframe and many other powerful weapons to complete the game quests. However, first of all, in order to have Warframe and these powerful weapons, they need to have several kinds of valuable resources. In these resources, Warframe Plastids are an uncommon resource but extremely important. So, what are Warframe Plastids and where to find this valuable resources? This article will help you to have the answers. Let’s follow us to learn more!

1. About Warframe

First of all, let’s find out more about Warframe. If you’re a loyal fan of this game and know detail about it, let’s skip this content section and move to the next one. If you are new to Warframe, this is the time for you to learn more about it before jumping into a huge information section below. Let’s start!

warframe plastids

Warframe is a cooperative third-person shooter that was created by Digital Extremes for many different platforms. In this game, players will control members of the Tenno – a race of ancient warriors. Their main mission is to lead the Tenno to complete various challenging quests in the war with many other factions.

In detail, they will have to fight with the Grineer, Corpus, and Infested. They are three races that were created by the old Orokin Empire. In which, Grineer is a matriarchal race that is built based on metal, blood, and war; Corpus is a mega-corporation that owns variously advanced robots and laser technology. This faction is built based on profit; While Infested is a team of disfigured victims of the Technocyte virus. In order to fight back these huge factions, Tenno uses special bio-mechanical suits called Warframes. These suits can control remotely and have lots of unique abilities.

2. Warframe Plastids and its use

Plastid according to the description in this game is a disgusting nanite-infested tissue mass. But you don’t have to learn detail about what is it. Just remember that Warframe Plastids are an uncommon component but extremely necessary for the process of creating some systems blueprints for various frames.

warframe plastids 1

Plastid according to the description in this game is a disgusting nanite-infested tissue mass. But you don’t have to learn detail about what is it. Just remember that Warframe Plastids are an uncommon component but extremely necessary for the process of creating some systems blueprints for various frames. In Blueprints that require Plastids, they take the role of a component, primary material, melee, support, etc. The quantity for each blueprint is different. In order to learn detail about each Blueprint that requires Warframe Plastids, click here.

3. Where to find Warframe Plastids

Warframe Plastids can be found on Phobos, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and Eris. And of course, similar to most other materials, they can drop from enemies and in-level containers. For this reason, you also can find this resource there. A special point is that, usually, you only can find Warframe Plastids in quantities of 10 to 30. With this modest quantity, in order to create a Blueprint, you will have to find them many times. In addition, you also can purchase the Plastids in the market. Using 30 platinum, you will be able to have 300 Plastids. But remind you that, you only can purchase it (and other materials) from the update 9.0. Now, let’s learn more about finding this material in different locations.

In Phobos

warframe plastids 3

With people who are brand new players, the first place you should go to find Warframe Plastids is Phobos. Although in this area, the drop rate of plastids is minimal. So, let’s keep an eye to find plastid carapaces on Phobos missions. In addition, when you get trouble with higher-level zones like Saturn and try to gather as many plastids as possible to build a stronger warframe. Let’s scour these levels carefully to ensure that you don’t miss any plastid.

In Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and Eris.

warframe plastids 4

In case you are able to handle missions on Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and Eris but Farming Plastids becomes much easier, the defense or survival missions will be a great way to find Warframe Plastids. Of course, when participating in these missions, you will be bombarded with endless waves of enemies. But they are also the best type of mission for resource gathering. You wonder why? As I mentioned above, the resources can drop from enemies. So, when you kill them, you have the chance to earn the material you want. The longer you stick around these missions; the greater chance you earn your needed material.

That is the reason why Piscinas is a great place to farm Warframe Plastids. It is not only a mid-level survical mission but also available for many players. In the past, this location was warred after a war between player factions for certain bonuese. Although the PvP system is gone, the bonus XP and its provided drop rates still remain.

Finding Warframe Plastids on mods and companions

You also can find Plastids mods and companions. It’s the truth. There are several mods and companions can help you to increase the odds of finding all materials you need. Of course, it includes Warframe Plastids. In addition, they also help to relieve the tedium of collecting material when you get the location you’re going.

For example, the Smeeta breed of Kavat when coming with the Charm mod will periodically trigger a special effect. This effect can double your loot for two minutes. After that, there is a more common mod called Scavenge. This mod will give your Kavat or Kubrow a certain percentage chance to open the locked lockers on any mission. And you also can find your needed material – Warframe Plastids there.

the Carrier brand of Sentinel when equipping the Looter mod can offer a surprise effect. The shock wave of this item can help you to avoid all the trouble of destroying secure crates by blowing them up. In addition, Sentinels is also able to equip the Vacuum mod. This is considered the most useful mod of all. This tool will help you to suck up automatically all the loots that you approach. This feature helps you to eliminate the risk of leaving out resources even in case you don’t see them.

Set up a Titan Extractor on Uranus

This is a great way to farm and gather plastids and even a few other resources. In order to do that, you will need to beat every mission on Uranus. Then, purchase a Titan Extractor blueprint from the market. You will have to set it up by using the Star Chart map. After that, all you need to do is to keep an eye on its health. After 4 hours, it will complete its harvesting cycle and now, you will have lots of plastids to use.

4. Warframe Plastids tips and notes

The defense mission Stephano on Uranus has the most quantities of Warframe Plastids. You even can gather 100 Plastids per 5 waves.

In Saturn, especially in Piscinas, you can collect a high amount of plastids just at the 20-25+ minute mark.

Helene on Saturn is also a great place to find Plastids and Nano Spores.

Just playing multiple rounds of defense on Eris, you will be able to gather enough Plastids if kill all enemies and loot all their storages.

Clan weapons is one of the main reasons that makes us need to farm Plastids. The reason is because all the components require bundles of 250 for each component. Besides that, there is no planet that lists Plastids first. The fact that, this resource drops in very low amounts and considered the hardest resource to farm for (except rares)

Some planets that drop Warframe Plastids often drop the first resource much more often. In addition, they are also coupled with the low amount per drop. This feature can make the time to complete missions become very long and the quantities of gained Plastids is little.

Conclusion:Above, I have just mentioned you about Warframe Plastids, its use, where to find this uncommon resource, and some tips and notes. In fact, Plastids is very necessary in building new warframes. In order to build all the Warframes that require this material, according to the statistics of Wiki, you will have to gather enough 39980 Plastids. You also can purchase it from the market, but this feature only applies from update 9.0.

Hope that with the information that we have offered, you will be able to find so many Plastids to build various powerful Warframes. If you have any question for us or any new opinion about this material, please feel free to leave us a comment. We are very happy when receiving your comments and surely we will do our best to answer your question.


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