Top 15 survival games on PC

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Survival game is a very large genre with many titles but gameplay is pretty easy to understand: fighting to stay alive is hard-coded into our DNA, so it makes sense that we’d become engrossed in experiencing it in games. The best survival games on PC push players to their limits, presenting them with difficult problems and challenging them to find creative solutions.

Today, we would like to introduce to you our list of 15 best survival games for PC that could push you to your limits, challenge yourself and asking you to find your own solutions.

1. Frost Punk:

In a world where snow and ice are dominating the rest, as a survivor, you will responsible to lead your own people to survive against the harsh cold out there. Your city is built with a volcanic crater, you can not only care for yourself but also care about the people around.

Frost Punk is a blend of city-building, society simulation, and survival in a grim and frozen world. With a handful of cold, hungry, unhappy people, you’ll need to construct a working city inside a snow-filled crater heated only by a massive coal furnace. Gather resources, hunt for food, and manage your citizens by giving them hope for the future. It’s a harsh and beautiful survival game that confronts you with difficult choices at every turn.

2. The Long Dark:

This is a game for gamers who prefer to travel on a lonely journey, no building structures or planning strategy are required, only long dark nights waiting ahead!

With a focus on atmosphere and environmental survival, The Long Dark stands out in an increasingly crowded genre. You play as a bush pilot stranded in the frozen wilderness after a mysterious global calamity.

There are no zombies, no mutants, and no other players: it’s just you fighting against the elements, the wildlife, and your own human fragility.

3. Subnautica:

If you’re getting tired of snowy mountain, then Subnautica is a perfect choice for you. With beautiful and shinning graphics, gamers will travel through the blue ocean but be aware of monsters!! Explore an alien, underwater world while piloting your hand-crafted submarine through mysterious submerged landscapes.

From beautiful coral reefs to deep-sea caves and trenches, you’ll gather resources and sustenance, build habitats and a fleet of subs, and craft new tech to help you survive the depths. It’s hard not to compare it to Minecraft, yet developer Unknown Worlds has put their own unique stamp on the survival genre.

4. Ark: Survival Evolved.

Ark: Survival Evolved is a heaven for dinosaur lovers where you can explore the dinosaur’s world with huge map and tons of missions.

Dropped nearly nude on an expansive map filled with dinosaurs, you’ll have to contend with extreme heat and cold, starvation and dehydration, and fellow humans (though you can play solo as well). Craft weapons and gear, build a base, tame and ride dinosaurs, and join with (or battle) other players. Ark’s free Primitive Plus DLC adds tons more depth to crafting and farming.

5. Survival (The Division expansion):

The Division’s second expansion provided not just new content for players but a new way to play. Trapped in a deadly blizzard, players begin each round stricken with a disease, are armed with only a pistol and low-level gear, and must travel to The Dark Zone to locate a cure and an extraction point.

Meanwhile, they must survive the terrible cold, roving gangs of NPC enemies, and a couple dozen other players who are in the same predicament.

6. DayZ:

Welcome to the world full of Zombies and survivors, where you need to stay alive from both dead and alive enemies in the Zombie apocalypse. This game is not recommended for amateurs who just newly joined Survival horror genre.

Yes, many players have grown weary of waiting for the multiplayer zombie survival game to leave Early Access, and DayZ’s roots in military sim ArmA make it a bit intimidating for newcomers. Still, the survival elements of DayZ are strong, with complex nutrition, hydration, and health systems that go beyond merely eating, drinking, and bandaging wounds.

Scavenge a sprawling and decaying persistent open world, engage in tense interactions with other players, customize weapons and craft gear, and try not to die: if you do, you start again with nothing.

7.  Miscreated:

It’s easy to relegate it to the crowd of DayZ-like games that have popped up over the past few years, but Miscreated has begun to stand out as a stable and enjoyable multiplayer game—and built in Cry Engine, it looks amazing as well.

Beginning with just a flashlight and a change of clothing, arm and equip yourself by exploring decaying neighborhoods and military bases. AI mutants and wildlife pose a threat, but the biggest threat will come from your fellow survivors.

8. Rust:

Rust is a perfect game for those gamers who love exploring wildlife with large map, you could either explore the world alone or join with other players via Multiplayer mode.

Join or battle other players – or attempt to go it alone – starting with primitive tools and weapons and advancing to firearms and massive bases. You’ll have to contend with wild animals, hunger, and thirst, but this is a very PVP-intensive survival experience and your main threat will come from the dozens of other players from all over the world.

Rust is still experimenting with its formula—having recently removed XP and leveling, and we’re curious to see where it goes next.

9. Minecraft:

You may have heard of this great monument with undeniable attraction. There are many different ways to play Minecraft: alone, in creative mode, with friends and strangers, as an explorer, or with custom game modes on specialty servers.

As a survival game, it’s still excellent, with well-implemented hunger and thirst systems and incredibly robust crafting and building. Dive into its blocky and beautiful world and you may never want to leave.

10. The Forest:

The only best way to describe about the world in this game is wild animals and native people everywhere. You will start the game with a black pilot who just got plane crash accident and getting lost in the middle of the forest.

After picking through the wreckage of the plane crash that stranded you here, you’ll quickly discover you’re not alone. You share a mysterious island with a tribe of terrifying cannibals, and while you struggle to stay fed and hydrated, build structures from simple tents to log homes, and construct traps to snare animals, you’ll have to defend against the hungry and determined locals.

The Forest is built in Unity 5 engine, which provides stunning visuals and effects.

11. Terraria:

A wonderful, expansive, addictive, and not to mention inexpensive survival crafting sandbox. Explore randomly generated worlds, gather resources, and enjoy a simple yet satisfying crafting system.

Tunnel through vast caverns, battle monsters, befriend NPCs, build yourself a palace, and play alone or with friends in co-op. Terraria has been around for years, but it’s stood the test of time.

12. Hurt World:

Don’t let its mildly cartoony look fool you: there is no picnic in Hurtworld for you. If you survive a few early hours of scrounging and combat with AI mutants and human players, you’ll be able to claim land, build a base, and repair procedurally generated vehicles (if you can find the parts).

There’s an emphasis on the effects of weather, and not just on the player—for instance, the steak in your pack might freeze instead of rot when it gets cold enough. And, for a game that promises to punish you, it’s surprisingly forgiving in a few instances, such as letting you keep your weapons when you die.

13. This War of Mine:

If you’re a person who tend to solve all problems and conflicts using violence, then this game will make you change your mind. Depicting war not from the perspective of an elite soldier but from that of a group of civilians simply trying to stay alive amidst the chaos, This War of Mine is a different and more desperate kind of survival game.

You’ll face tough choices as you manage your survivors’ health, both physical and mental. Scrounging for food and supplies during the night is tense and harrowing, and no matter what you find it never seems to be enough. It’s not just a survival game but a harsh and unblinking look at the reality of war.

14. Just Survive:

While it’s had free trials and tribulations in Early Access – once planned to be a free-to-play title, you’ll now have to buy it – Just Survive (previously known as H1Z1) is still plenty of fun.

Similar in scope to DayZ, but far more accessible, you scrounge for supplies while dodging zeds and doing battle (or making friends) with potentially over a hundred players on the same server. Build bases, craft weapons and gear, fight over supply drops, and keep yourself healthy in this multiplayer sandbox.

15. Unturned:

It costs you nothing to play Unturned, but this isn’t some slapped together free-to-play title. Its creator (a teenager) has released over 150 updates to the zombie-based survival sandbox since 2014, which makes it easy to see why it’s been downloaded by millions of players since its initial release.

Despite Unturned’s blocky visuals it contains deep and satisfying crafting, skill, and survival systems, plus there’s a massive and exuberant community surrounding it.

Summary/ Verdict:

As per our top 15 survival game list above, which games provide the best survival experiences to you? From that list, you’ll find our favorite examples of simulated survival on PC, whether it’s among the stars, deep underground, and in other dangerous environments packed with monsters, mutants, zombies, dinosaurs, or the deadliest enemy of all: other players.




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