Plasma Pong

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Plasma Pong is an interesting indie and action game that was created by Steve Taylor – an American developer in 2007. This is a clone of an extremely popular game – PONG and keeps all prominent features of the original game. However, all of them are refined and streamlined to be better. For this reason, this game attracts the attention of so many gamers from all around the world.

According to the opinions of various people, Plasma Pong takes the old classic. However, the game puts it into a psychedelic liquid environment and add to it the color and graphics that the original game so desperately lacked


In this game, two factions will control a paddle each which at either side of the game screen. Their main mission is to volley a ball between them. The game takes place in a fluid-like plasma environment which is able to be pushed and sucked by using the paddles. And the player’s weapon in this game is plasma. The fact that players can shoot plasma out of the paddle to push the fluid around. And then, the ball is also pushed around. In addition, another weapon at player’s disposal is the ability to suck the fluid as well as the ball back into their side. This activity allows players to control the ball better and better.

When participating in this game, each player will have a total of 10 lives. Each time the ball volleyed into their side that they can’t push it in time into the opposite side, they will be lost a life. Oppositely, if their opponent can’t push the ball in time, they will be the winner in that match. With each winning match, the player will be level up and gain one point. When all 10 lives are run out, the game will end and the winner is the person who gets a higher point.

A special feature of this game is that it offers players a scoreboard in which all players who get the high points will be able to write their name there. However, not everyone who has a high score will have the chance to write their name on this board. Only ten people who have the highest score will be named here and it is a glory that every player want to achieve.

Game modes

There are three modes in this game including single player, multiplayer, and sandbox. In single-player mode, players will compete with a progressively smarter AI in a fluid environment. In this mode, the fluid will move faster and faster, this makes the ball will move so fast and unpredictably.

In Multiplayer mode, there are two players who are real players. They will share together a single keyboard to play against each other. The main mission of each player still is to volley the ball and level up. This mode is so suitable for those who have a friend to compete with.

Sandbox mode is a very special game mode for players. It offers players the ability to access to color, particle, and fluid motion effects. Besides that, this mode also allows players to simply play around with the fluid dynamics engine of the game. They are also able to see what interesting motions that they can create.

How to play

In the single player mode, players will use the up and down arrow keys to move the paddle up and down.

In multiplayer mode:

Player 1 uses the arrow key to control.

Player 2 uses the W-A-S-D to move

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