Temple Run 2 reviews

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An influencing game

Temple Run 2 is the second instalment released after the success of Temple Run 1. The game was perfectly touched by Imangi Studios, and it is also one of the products that made up the name of its developers. During its release, Temple Run 2 managed to score 50 million downloads on multiple platforms, which made it become one of the most successful Endless Runner video games of all time. On the online mobile application stores, you can easily find many games that copy the same concept of Temple Run 2 with similar characters and other game mechanics. It is not a lie to say that Temple Run 2 gave birth to tons of Endless Runner video game that we have played at least for once in our life.

What’s in Temple Run 2?

Temple Run 2 tells the story about a group of archaeologists, who embark on a serious adventure to an Aztec temple in order to search for the valuable golden idol. Unfortunately, the temple they explore is taken over by a demonic monkey that is willing to devour them. The game features similar gameplay to Temple Run 1, which has the player controlling one chosen character from the provided set and running to avoid the demonic monkey.

While the player is playing, he must interact with the screen to allow his character to perform different moves. The most common actions in Temple Run 2 are jump and slide. These actions help the player to avoid dangerous obstacles that can take their life.

There are also many running games that you can try. Tunnel Rush is also a game that is popular with young people in early 2020. A rather interesting choice for us. You can play now to feel.

Temple Run 2 adds in new obstacles such as zip-line, sharper turns, mine tracks and more. The game treats the player fair enough with unbelievable power-ups. However, the key that leads to the success of Temple Run 2 is obviously the ability to save characters from death using the collected gems. Unlike Temple Run 1, which requires the player to pay actual money to buy gems in order to save their characters.

The features that bring Temple Run 2 closer to the players

As said above, Temple Run 2 has made history with a lot of new important updates. The game does not only invite the player to various new upgrades but also features more powerful characters with great background stories and designs. The new maps such as Frozen Shadows, Blazing Sands and Lost Jungle can easily satisfy the players who crave for more after playing Temple Run 1.

Above all, it is a pity not to mention the addictive gameplay which stays the same. Without seeing your character keeping moving forward and avoiding incredible obstacles in a matter of time, you will not be encouraged to carry on with the endless and addictive adventure of Temple Run 2.

In conclusion

Temple Run 2 is free for download, and in fact, it is one of the games that you must save to your phone. Who would not love to be involved in the excellent gameplay that millions of players around the world love?

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