Fallout 4 guide: 3 most asked questions in fallout 4

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Fallout 4 is an interesting role-playing game that is adored by millions of players from around the world. With amazingly addictive gameplay and detail environment, this game attracts thousands of players each day. For this reason, there are various questions of the newbie revolving around this game. For example, Fallout 4 how to level up fast? How to enable mods in Fallout 4? or How to wait in Fallout 4? and so on. In order to get answers for these questions, please follow us in this article.

1. About Fallout 4

First of all, let’s tell a bit about Fallout 4 because I think it is necessary for newbies. If you understand so much about this game, let’s skip it and come to the information section below.

fallout 4 how to level up fast

Fallout 4 – a post-apocalyptic action role-playing game is the fifth installment of Fallout series game of Bethesda. This game is set in an open world post-apocalyptic environment of Boston city and the surrounding Massachusetts region. It takes place in 2287 – ten years after the events Fallout 3. In this game, players continue playing the role of the “Sole Survivor”. The main mission is to explore the dilapidated world and complete various challenging quests. The new features of this game in comparison with previous parts are the ability to develop and manage settlements. In addition, the game also offers an extensive crafting system. This system allows players to gather materials scavenged to craft drugs, explosives, create and upgrade weapons, armor, and furnish and improve settlements. With enhanced mechanics, it can say that Fallout 4 is the best installment of Fallout series game.

2. Fallout 4 how to level up fast?

Understand the leveling up system

At first, we should spend a little time to explain the interesting and special system of levels in Fallout 4. The system is defined by seven attributes: Perception, Agility, Intelligent, Strength, Endurance, Charisma and Luck. In each attribute you can put a maximum of ten points, these points affect your base stats directly.

How To Level Up Fast Fallout 4

In addition, the points unlock levels of perks, too. Perks can be understood as extra abilities and some of them are useful like radiation resistance or higher maximum health, some are not very hard to be acquired like Aquaboy.

Now let’s move to the main part: Fallout 4 how to level up fast.

Build higher intelligence

A higher intelligence increases the amount of XP your character earns from anything so, you can level up more quickly. High intelligence also gives a side effect: It decreases the number of words shown while you do hacking. When  your character is more intelligent, he will learn more from in some abilities, too.

Get the quests done, run missions

Repeat the missions and finish them as quickly as possible is another way to gain more XP and level up fast. Yes, the bunch side quests are always easy to get done. Go to new locations to shoot enemies, or to scout, such missions like these are ongoing and overlap. All you have to do is to spend some hours redo the missions to get leveling up. This is one of the important factors to solve the question “Fallout 4 how to level up fast“.

Together with this, in all the ways you go, do not ignore any action because every action gives you XP. Kill strong enemies, kill people, shoot the monsters, pick all locks, hack all terminals.

fallout 4 how to level up fast 2

You should take part in factions such as The Brotherhood of Steel, the Railroad or the Minutemen and sign up their long quest chains. In these specific quests you will mainly find a place, kill everyone and collect their stuff and that’s it. If you want to train yourself a bit for a better sense of the map, spend your time to try this. The experience points you get from the quest and shooting raiders, feral ghouls is worthy.

Do the crafting

Fallout 4 how to level up fast? You just need to create stuff and that is all. Collect materials from meat, fans, clocks to coffee cups and then take your time in a workshop to start crafting. You get experience points when you cook, make drugs, create weapon mods, upgrade armors and so on. You may not use all the stuff that you made and may have to throw them away but the important thing is that you make stuff and this gives you XP, this is the key point.

Sometimes when you are tired of killing or crafting, then try farming – plant something. Do you have seeds or vegetable? Instead of eating them, find some nearby dirt and plant them. This qualifies as crafting, too.

Start building

Some experienced players said that they gain about 8-10 levels only with building. If the resource you use is intensive, you will definitely get more XP.

One trick in “Fallout 4 how to level up fast” is that you can buy Copper shipments and work with spam-building statues. With this activity, your character will get a lot of XP upon placement. Do this again and again and again. This is a peaceful and relaxing way to level up in Fallout 4 because you do not need to fight anything or anyone.

3. How to enable mods in Fallout 4?

Before getting started with the instructions of how to enable mods in Fallout 4, I want to tell you that installing mods in this game is very simple. In fact, the publisher Bethesda still hasn’t released the official modding tools for Fallout 4. However, this guide below will help you to install mods for this game.

how to enable mods in fallout 4

We will use the Nexus Mod Manager – a dedicated platform for modders to install this game. This platform is usually used to release and update mods for various game titles including Fallout 4. For this reason, in this part of how to enable mods in Fallout 4, we strongly recommend this platform.

Install Nexus Mod Manager

C. How to enable mods in Fallout 4 1

First of all, we need to install the Nexus Mod Manager. Let’s follow the guide below:

Step 1: Register an account on Nexus website and download the Nexus Mod Manager.

C. How to enable mods in Fallout 4 - 2

Step 2: Install and run Nexus Mod Manager.

Step 3: Confirm the location of Fallout 4 then select Fallout 4 and hit OK.

Step 4: Choose the location that you want to store the downloaded mods (The default drive is the one with Fallout 4 installed)

Step 5: If an alert window shows, let’s hit OK.

In addition, we need to run Fallout 4 to the main menu before activating mods. So, let’s boot the game to initial menu and quit right after that. This action will create .ini file that is a so much-needed file for editing and makes sure we don’t face the issues mods not working correctly in some bad day.

Install Mods

C. How to enable mods in Fallout 4 -3

Step 1: Visit Nexus website and search for all the mods. Let’s read the description of each mod carefully and select the best ones.

how to enable mods in fallout 4 -4

Step 2: Choose the Files tab then select “Download with Manager” on the correct file that you need for the mod (you can choose many files). After that, waiting for the download process.

Step 3: Select the mod that you want to install and choose “Install”

When there are a few mods downloading successfully, you can notice the load order start to populate. This list is very important because there are several mods and files need to be loaded in a specific order.

That’s all about how to enable mods in Fallout 4. It is very easy, isn’t it?

4. How to wait in Fallout 4

How to wait in Fallout 4 or Fallout 4 how to wait are two very common questions of players especially newbies. In fact, how to wait in Fallout 4 works a bit different from other previous games of Bethesda. So, it is easy to understand why these questions are common like that.

How to wait in Fallout 4

Unlike other games, Fallout 4 requires players to actually find a piece of furniture if they want to wait in this game. Moreover, this piece of furniture can’t just be a random piece. It has to be a piece of furniture that players don’t own. Oh, don’t ask me why you can’t wait by sitting in your own furniture because I also have no foggiest clue.

When you have found a piece of furniture (don’t mind it is nice or not) to sit down in, let’s go ahead and plop your little tush into it. And when you are sitting down, you will be given an option. It alongs the bottom of your screen and offers you the button to bring you up the Wait menu. We are playing Fallout 4 on the PC, so, in order to wait in this game, we need to press T.

The Wait menu will appear on your screen and now you need to choose the amount of time you want to wait. For the best, you need to find your correct number of time and confirm your selection to begin the waiting process.

That’s all about Fallout 4 how to wait. With this guide of how to wait in Fallout 4, surely now you feel it is very easy, isn’t it?


It can’t deny that Fallout 4 is really a great game to play and enjoy. With addictive gameplay and enhanced mechanics in compare with the previous installments, this game brings players lots of exciting experiences that they have never seen before. With the information about Fallout 4 how to level up fast, how to enable mods in Fallout 4, and Fallout 4 how to wait in this article, hope that they are useful for you. Now, you get your needed information, let’s start your game and enjoy your time!

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