Hearts of Iron 4: La Resistance prepared with spies and commands

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Hearts of Iron 4: La Resistance is a nuke

The expansion was shown after French resistance at home to the Nazis continued and concentrated on espionage and asymmetrical warfare. The banner function is the Smart Agency, which players can customize with their names and logos before investing in the partner, who offers various rewards and unlocks top secret promotions.

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The example users often presented is a little known but massive, heavy water attack set in Norway and occupied by Nazi Germany. A small group of commandos working with the Norwegian government-in-exile destroyed a vital facility that delayed the development of the Third Reich’s nuclear weapons.

Nuclear research is boosted.

In HoI4, this is modeled by a series of events that Germany will receive and which, when completed, offer a significant boost in speed for nuclear research. If your opponent detects it in time, they can try to start an activity that includes everything. Other activities include sabotaging targets, murdering leaders, and launching coups to change the ideology of an enemy or a neutral state.

The spies will have semi-portrayed new portraits and names that give the Second World War a side character. They can be recruited from different regions and perform better in their home area. For example, a French agent in France can integrate better than an American. The spies increase over time but risk losing valuable information if caught. Accordingly, you may want to provide them with suicide medication. Perhaps it is better to lose an older spy than reluctant to tell him about the enemy.

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You can also run a spy agency.

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The title feature of DLC is the ability to set up your secret service. You can name it, choose a logo, and fill it with partners who specialize in various espionage and anti-espionage activities. Hearts of Iron 4 is already an overwhelming game, so those who don’t want to interact with this system can quickly put their spies in defense and anti-spy mode without having to worry about it. But a country in every significant faction (players always get the first one) can select to become their “spymaster,” which gives them great usability.

The spy is now one of the most important ways to get information on the other side.

Cryptography, the art of decoding and encoding messages, has been removed from the technology tree and is one of the branches that you can insert it to your agency. If you have better codes than the enemy, you can still learn more about their armed forces and industrial-strength while not knowing much about you.

You can also send spies on missions to steal passwords and codebooks, giving you an instant edge in the information game if they are successful. The benefit will be reliable, but temporary, said Lind, because they’ll likely stop using that particular code once they find you have it.


If you’re not interested in playing the game of darkness, you can easily set up your agency to fight enemy spies and focus on more general warfare. However, if you spend more time to find resources, you can get extensive information about enemies, get combat bonuses, and even start pioneering attacks in Hoi4.


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