Launched a super fascinating dinosaur game that you can’t miss

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Dinosaur Game on is a new super-catchy multiplayer dinosaur game that was created by Rapperkey at the end of this September. The game was inspired by the dinosaur game that Google added to its Google Chrome browser in 2014. With the same gameplay as the dinosaur game on google but redesigned as a .io game and offer features Multiplayer, is an addictive game that you should not miss. Let’s find out a little about this fascinating game!

dinosaur game in .io version

New dinosaurgame in .io version

Simple but addictive gameplay own simple but addictive gameplay inspired by chrome dinosaur game of Google. In this game, players will take part in an interesting race with many other people. In detail, they will control a cute dinosaur and avoid all the obstacles on the race line. These obstacles include cactus and flying duck. There are thousands of other players participating in this game and they compete together. Taking place in the io game world, so the primary objective of players is to write their name on the leaderboard of game. This is really a big challenge because this game is quite difficult. There are so many obstacles and speed of the dinosaur increases rapidly. Moreover, players can see the dinosaur’s shadows of many other players, this makes them easy to be mistaken and make the wrong decision when avoiding obstacles.

Besides that, the developer has designed this game so that players are only able to write their name on the leaderboard by the efforts of themselves. They can’t hack this game like the dinosaur version of Google. So, in general, this version of dinosaur game is really attractive and challenge with the players.

Cute graphics 2 still retains the graphics style of its original

Right when you jump into the game world, you will realize that this game retains the original graphics style of the Google dinosaur game. The main character in the game is still a cute dinosaur that is designed in pixel style with two simple black and white colors. Even the cactus blooms or flying ducks in the game have the same design as in the original game. It can be said that this version retains the graphics style of the game that it is inspired. Simple but good-looking!

Enhanced mechanics in comparison with the original version

In this, the developer has changed and enhanced not only gameplay but also mechanics. In comparison with the original version, this game has lots of innovations and offers so many prominent features. And according to the reviews from critics, experts, and gamers, these core features make this game become much more attractive than its original.

New feature – Leaderboard on

In detail, this game takes players into the world of io game – a world that they have to compete with other players to get a high position. Anyone wants their name appearing on the leaderboard, so they have to try so much to gain the high score and become invincible. In addition, this game also offers a “Play with friend” mode that allows players to compete directly with their friend in the private race line. We also know that playing games with other players is so interesting, but competing directly with friends in a game is much more interesting. So, this feature of makes it become much more attractive to players.

Moreover, a special point of this version is that it allows players to enjoy the game right when they are connecting to the internet. In other say, this version turns the dinosaur game of Google into an official game. It isn’t a feature allowing users to kill their time when the internet gets interrupted or disconnected. It is an addictive game that players can play and enjoy for relaxing whenever they want.

Conclusion: is a new game but surely you won’t feel it strange anymore. With simple but addictive gameplay, cute graphics, and enhanced mechanics, it is an interesting game that you shouldn’t miss. Let’s challenge yourself in this game and see which position on the leaderboard you can gain!


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