Top fourgames like happy wheelscan blow your mind!

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Have you played games like Happy Wheels, the statue of the thrilling Adventure game genre? If you are a curious gamer who is always in the mood for playing games, then you may love to discover more and more thrilling video games every day. In this list of Top four games that can shake your mind in a matter of seconds, we will introduce to you great games with incredible elements contributing BIG to the gaming industry ever since they were released. Check it out!

Short Life

short life

As we introduce Happy Wheels, it will be a waste not telling you some of the games like Happy Wheels with the familiar elements. In this game Short Life, you will be taking the role of a house hero who needs a guide to travel through a series of breath-taking levels. Playing through 16 amazing levels, you will find it lovely to gain amazing shining stars!

Moto X3M

Moto X3M

In this video Moto X3M, you will be racing like a real Biker, but in a totally different way. Moto X3M’s bikes are quite aggressive that’s what makes the game become even more enjoyable. Besides, Moto X3M is also known for being the origin of the great numbers of video game in the series of Moto X3M. What a legendary game that is worth your try!

Give Up

Give Up

Besides the games like Happy Wheels, we’d like to introduce to you a video game that draws attention from millions of players around the world – Give Up. In this video game, your quest is guiding the protagonist to make his way from floor to floor. The number of the floor that the player reaches indicates the achievements of the player in the game. The higher the floor you reach, the more successful you become.

By the way, your life isn’t limited to the world of Giving Up. No matter how many times you die, the game will bring you straight back to the floor where you lay down. This element is a bit familiar to some of the games like Happy Wheels we mentioned above, which allows the player to keep playing even when parts of the protagonist’s body start saying goodbye to where they belong.


Vex is the origin of the amazing series under the same name, which has received millions of times of playing around the globe. In this video game, the player will be facing various deadly barriers. Requiring the player to use the second-person perspective and advance in the body of a stickman, Vex impresses the gaming community with massive fun parties of hilarious Adventures.

If you are looking for some games like Happy Wheels, then we kindly recommend you to try any of the video games above. Or else, you can spend time to explore fireboy and watergirl forest temple and have lots of fun throughout the weekend! Don’t forget to comment on the game you like, may your recommendation be appearing in our next article!



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