Things you must know if want to have a great Stardew valley farm planner

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Stardew Valley is a great farm-life simulation game that allows players to build up their farm and enjoy the life there. Because farming takes a very important part in this game. So the most important thing that players concern is creating their own farm. In order to create a great farm, a Stardew valley farm planner is very necessary. In this article, we will tell you all about important elements to make a dreaming Stardew valley farm planner. Let’s follow us to learn more!

A bit about Stardew Valley

First of all, let’s find out a bit about this very interesting game!

stardew valley farm planner

Stardew Valley is a great indie farming simulation role-playing game that was created by Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone. In February 2016, this game was released for Microsoft Windows platform by Chucklefish. Until this time, this game was released for various platforms such as OS X, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, etc.

In Stardew Valley, players will play the role of the protagonist who decided to get away from the hustle of the city and take over a dilapidated farm of the deceased grandfather’s in Stardew Valley. Players will live as a farmer with the main mission is to build up and expand their farm and enjoy the life. In detail, they will have to manage the time and energy to clear the land, plant crops, raise livestock, etc. Of course, they also can’t miss the social activities with the residents in that small town and find their true love to get married. In general, this game is to relax and enjoy a peaceful and stunning life. That’s a bit about this game. Now, let’s move to the part of how to create a great Stardew valley planer!

Everything you need to know to have a great Stardew valley farm planner

I need to remind you once again that a Stadew Valley planner is so important. If you build up your own farm without any planning, later, you probably regret these actions.

In order to make a farm planner in this game, the most important piece is to make decisions. You need to choose the type of your farm and decide where to cultivation and livestock. In addition, how to arrange scarecrows, sprinklers, paths, etc. wisely is also very important. If you have a detail Stardew valley planner about all of these things, you will be able to create your dreaming farm.There is a useful tool that can help you to create an excellent Stadew Valley farm planner. It is Stardew Planner – a tool to plan and test various layouts of this game easily. You should use this tool to draw and zone your land following your dream. After that, you need to base on this plan to build up your own farm.

stardew valley farm planner 1

If you want to have a not only beautiful but also convenient and easy to expand farm. There will be some very important things that you need to note when making a farm planner. Now, let’s start to learn detail about all of these things.

1. Choosing a suitable farm map

One of the most important elements that you need to pay your attention to is farm map. To create a great Stardew Valley farm planner, firstly you need to choose the farm map you want.

There are total 5 different farm maps including Standard Farm, Riverland Farm, Forest Farm, Hill-top Farm, and Wilderness Farm. Each map offers its own unique layout, benefits, and favoring specific skills. In which, the standard farm encourages farming; the Riverland farm encourages fishing; The Forest map encourages foraging, the Hill-top map encourages Mining, the Wilderness map encourages Combat. Players can’t change the map when having selected, so, you need to think carefully before making decision.

In this article, we will mention the Standard farm map because it encourages farming. Besides that, this map is quite easy to build because its layout is nearly not impeded by scenery and water. In addition, offering the most tiles is also a strength of this farm map.

2. Zoning your farm

stardew valley planner

As mentioned above, clean and divide your farm into many different parts is the most important element to have a great Stardew Valley planner. Firstly, you need to clean that huge land. You can use some basic tools like Axe, Fishing Pole, Watering Can, etc. After that, it’s the time to imagine about your dreaming farm. You need to have a general idea of the overall farm. A great recommendation is by zoning the layout of your farm into many parts. Then, set a general idea of where you will use to put crop beds, build barns for animal and storehouses, etc. This is the time that the tool Stardew Planner will show off its abilities. You can use it to get the exact measurements of each item and make sure that all your land will enough for using.

Coming to this step, you had an overall Stardew Valley farm planner. However, it is only the overall planner and you need to set up detail to have a not only beautiful but also convenient and easy to expand farm. Continue following us to find out!

3. Set up plots for farming

You also need to think about this issue in your farm planner. Of course, you can choose any layout that you like, however, there are some tips for you. Firstly, you don’t need to always plant your crops in 3×3 arrangements. In addition, you totally can walk through the crops safely without causing any damage. So, putting paths between plots probably is not necessary.

stardew valley planner 1

One of the most important things when planning the crop layout is the ability to maintain the plots. Don’t be too ambitious because any tasks that involve using tool will consume energy. Moreover, in the first spring, you can’t access the fancier and upgrade tools. So, you are probably stuck when working at your farm.

Don’t forget to reserve place for sprinklers

As you know, water is so important in farming. You also need to plan the location to put the Sprinklers to take advantage of their output. If not, you will have to completely redesign later.

There are three different tiers of Sprinklers including Sprinkler, Quality Sprinkler, and Iridium Sprinkler. You can unlock Sprinkler at Farming level 2 and it can water 4 adjacent tiles. Quality Sprinkler can water 8 adjacent tiles and you can unlock it at level 6. Iridium Sprinkler is the most powerful tier since can water up to 24 adjacent tiles. You can unlock it at level 9.

stardew valley planner 2

You should use the Quality and Iridium Sprinklers. If using the Quality sprinklers, let’s create 3×3 plots and put it in the middle to ensure proper watering. In case you plan to use Iridium Sprinklers, you should place 5×5 plots side by side. Remind that you should put this sprinkler in the middle of each side to water properly.

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Some helpful layout tips

1. Stop digging up your Sprinklers

By design, the hoe will till the soil. But this action can make you in the accidental remove some items placed there. In these items include Sprinklers. So, in order to avoid this annoyance, you should place the Sprinklers on the path tile.

2. Use scarecrows to scare the crows

Crows can eat your crops and this makes the crop yield be reduced. In your farm planner, let’s think about using the scarecrows to scare the crows. A single scarecrow can protect 248 titles in a circle around it, so, let’s reserve some places in your farm for scarecrows.

3. Lightning Rods are very useful

In your farm, you also need to use some Lightning Rods to protect your crops. However, they can be placed anywhere on your farm. So, don’t need to reserve places for them.

4. Trellis crops will stop you in your path

The crops that grow on the trellis will stop you in your path, so, if you plan to plant these crops, let’s keep this limitation in your mind. You can consider using the 3×3 layout and put a sprinkler in the middle. In case you use the Iridium Sprinklers, let’s expand the plot to 5×5 layout and don’t plant the trellis crops in the outer tiles.

5. Barns strategy

When making a farm planner, you also need to think about storage space. In fact, Sheds are cheaper than Barns but the Deluxe Barn will allow double storage while still using the same footprint (Sheds are 7×3, Barns are 7×4). If you want to storage many more, let’s consider to use the Deluxe Barn in your planner.

Above, we have just told you about all the things need to make a great Stardew Valley farm planner. This is really important because when you have started building your farm, you won’t want to rebuild it later. Let’s make a detailed planner and do following it to build up your dreaming farm. Good luck and enjoy your game!

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