How to grab in Happy Wheels?

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Happy Wheels is an interesting ragdoll-physics-adventure video game that was created by Jim Bonacci and released in June 2010. This game is really enjoyable in which the main mission of the player is to control his character to get to the finish line safely. The challenging point is that there are tons of deadly obstacles on the way and this game is based on ragdoll-physics, so, it is very difficult to do any activity. In all the activities in Happy Wheel, “grab something” is the most difficult one. For this reason, the common questions of most players in this game are:

how to grab in happy wheel? 

how to hold in happy wheels?

how do you grab things in happy wheels?,

This article will mention these questions, continue reading to learn more.

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Happy Wheels

The difficulty of grabbing stuff in Happy Wheels

In fact, playing Happy Wheels is quite difficult for the newbies because this game is based on ragdoll-physic. This is a type of physics engine procedural animation that is often used in games. The games that use this physic will offer the characters with rigid bodies and quite difficult movements. For this reason, being a typical game that uses ragdoll physics, so, with the difficult activities such as grab stuff, hold, and throw them, they are very difficult to do in Happy Wheels.

Guide how to grab in Happy Wheels

In order to answer the question of how to grab things in happy wheels, we need to mention the basic setting of this game. In fact, all characters in this game are set to grab with the same buttons and perform in simply two steps:

Step 1: Reject or dismount the vehicle of the character by pressing the button Z.

Step 2: Press and hold spacebar to grab stuff

These two steps are applicate for all characters of the game. In the case you want to change this control, just go to the starting menu, choose options, select customize controls, change the primary action by pressing the spacebar, and finally choose the button that you want to assign as the control.


How to hold in Happy Wheels?

How to hold in Happy Wheels? is also a common question of this game’s players. In fact, after grabbing the object successfully, it is very easy to hold it. You just keep the spacebar to hold and release until you feel enough. Very easy, isn’t it?

How to throw objects in Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is really a challenging game because all the activities of the character are very difficult to perform exactly. And even though when you know how to grab or hold stuff in this game, it is still very difficult for you to complete. The reason is that after holding the object, usually, you must throw it to a certain destination to overcome the obstacles. So, if you need to throw objects in Happy Wheels, the tips below may be useful for you.

In order to throw the object, of course first of all, you still need to grab the needed object and keep the spacebar to hold. After that, use the arrow keys to throw objects follow the direction you want, then release the space key to let them out.

Guide for some difficult levels

  • Purple Ball Throw

In the Purple Ball Throw, the character will have to use the balls to throw the obstacles and get points. To overcome this levels, perform follow the guide.

Purple Ball Throw

  • Step 1: Press the “Z” key to reject the vehicle
  • Step 2: Press space to grab and hold the ball
  • Step 3: Determine the right place to throw, use arrow keys to aim and release the spacebar to throw the ball to the goal.

Throwing the correct target will get 2 points and adding 2 balls to the next throw. Throwing to the position of “nothing sorry” will get nothing. In addition, if you throw to “boi you dead”, you will die by a sword.

  • Sword throw

Sword throw

In this level, the main task of the player is to control the character, grab the sword, and throw it at the fixed characters in different positions. The implementation process is similar to the Purple Ball Throw. Press Z to reject > Press and hold spacebar to grab the swords > use arrow keys to aim > release spacebar to throw to the fixed characters.

  • Ultimate Bottle Flip

Ultimate Bottle Flip

The characters are equipped with colorful wine bottles. They will have to take these bottles to throw them to different colored locations similar to the levels: Super Noob, Super Pro, Very Hard, Master, Pro, etc.



This level is similar to the sword throw level above but more difficult. The main character is in a more difficult position and is more likely to fall down. In order to beat this level, the player uses the same method, controls the character to take the sword and throw to other characters. When aiming for the target, be careful because the character is very easy to fall down.

  • Smoothie

In this level, the players have to create the smoothie by grabbing the exotic fruits and other characters and throwing them into the scale.


Conclusion: Above we have just guided you how to grab, hold, and throw objects in happy wheels, hope that with this guide, you can overcome this game easier. Thank you for reading!



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