The highest flappy bird scores and 5 tips to get it

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As you know, Flappy Bird is a super addictive and challenging game that requires the player have to try a lot to get a high score. Even you have tried so hard but your scores are still very low, you are curious about the highest flappy bird scores, and you are looking for tips to get the high scores on flappy bird, right? If you are interested in these issues, this article is true for you. In this article, we will introduce you the highest flappy bird scores and 5 tips to get high scores on flappy bird. Let’s read the article to find out!

Beating the records is always the desire of the gamers.  Currently, Flappy Bird has been removed but we still can play the similar game to it, which is the Helicopter game. Let’s play the famous helicopter game to become one of the players who own the highest score.

The highest flappy bird scores

The highest flappy bird scores

Wow, what a dreaming score, right? 12201 – a really high score. I have tried so many times but still can’t reach this score so, I think this is one of the highest flappy bird scores.

9999 – another high flappy bird scores.

5 tips to get the highest flappy bird scores

Slower is Better

In fact, in order to get the highest flappy bird scores, finding out the right tapping rhythm is so important. You can realize that more tapping doesn’t always help you to get the high score, you need to get used to a slower pace to fly farther. This is especially true when you pass between pipes, so, let remember that to get a high score, slower is better.

Let Yourself Fall

When the openings space between two pipes suddenly changes altitude, let yourself fall is a great way to overcome these situations.

Play On a Tablet

Oh, you will feel so strange when I said that play on a table can help you get high scores on flappy bird, right? But this is the truth. This tip is from a YouTube video and in order to prove for this tip, I have tried it for myself between my two devices are Nexus 7 and iPad for many times. The fact is that the scores in Nexus are lower a lot than iPad, so, you can try this to improve your score.

Stay Calm

The fact that the tenser you get, the lower score you earn, so, stay calm is really important if you want to get the highest flappy bird scores. This game is famous for making the players feel so crazy and angry because of it difficulty, so, keeping calm can be easier said than done. However, it is really necessary to have a dreaming score.

No Distractions

The focus is always needed to do well on any issue and play the flappy bird as well. You need a quiet space, no distractions to play the best and get the highest score. Also, you need to make sure that your device is not in the process of downloading any application and it is completely in normal operation.

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