How to make flash games run faster?

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When it comes to casual gaming, flash is the best platform that many people play on. This platform is so popular because it allows users to play the games just on their browser without downloading. That makes the users can access the game from just about anywhere and on a huge number of devices. However, sometimes flash game run very slow, so how to make flash games run faster? Let’s find out through the article below!

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1. Reduce the flash quality.

This is the simplest solution to resolve the problem. You just have to click on the right mouse and choose the Quality menu. Here, there are 3 options for you including high, middle and low quality.

The effect of this solution is completely depended on the game you are playing and how intense of the visuals with the game. For some games, there will be nearly no difference between each setting, however, with some other, it will be extremely obvious.

In addition, you also can install Firefox add-on and Chrome extension to do that automatically.

2. Play flash games in another browser

Normally, we always have many tabs that are pinned and many extensions in our browser. And, this definitely affects to the flash games performance if you play the game on it. So, one of the best solution to make flash games run faster is to use another browser to play the game.

You should download one browser and just use this one for playing flash games. To improve the game speed, disable all the single non-essential option.

3. Enable or Disable Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration basically is that you force your computer to use its hardware to do a function faster by CPU. And it is depended on your computer’s specifications that this action can help or hurt you. You also can test this option with checked and unchecked options to see which will bring you the best results. Remind you that you need to restart your browser after the change.

To enable or disable your hardware acceleration, you just have to click on the right mouse and choose the setting.

4. Resize or Zoom Out

This solution is effective with some certain games. When you resize your screen, it will affect the number of visuals that your computer has to process. And the less you have to see, the less your computer has to process and of course, the faster flash games run.

I have just told you about how to make flash games run faster. I hope that these solutions can help you. If you have any other tips, you also can share with us by leaving a comment. Finally, thank you for your reading!

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