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Welcome to Plasmapong.com!
Plasmapong.com is the newest and most accurate information source about the latest games, which includes: social network games, online games, offline games, RPG games, PS3 games, Esports, events, publishers, gamers… As well as evaluations on the most frequently played games, with the full game library.

Plasmapong.com was born with the goal of becoming a large, growing and hugely beloved online game community on the Internet and in real life. The most distinctive feature of Plasmapong.com is its non-imposing, non-restrictive, and completely accurate writing style. It not only tells you about the events, the comments coming from insiders but also the love and passion from the writer, and sometimes even from the reader.
Plasmapong reflects the information about the games quickly and constructively.
Perhaps the content criterias and the improvements to the website technology are fit to your wishes. The number of readers increases very fast. With this growth speed, Plasmapong hopes to become the largest playground for the gaming community in a short amount of time.
However, there are many things that need to be improved to make Plasmapong more user-friendly, so please email suggestions on what Plasmapong needs to improve to become more useful. We are always ready to listen to your suggestions. . .

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